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Eilish McColgan

The average woman will have approximately 500 periods in her lifetime lasting anywhere between 2 and 7 days . That’s potentially a whopping 3,500 days or 9 and ½ years spent dealing with Mother Nature’s monthly call! If that’s not enough to see you reaching for the nearest chocolate bar for comfort, then what is!

But as much as chocolate and the lure of the sofa might be overwhelming it’s no way to spend potentially 9 years of your life! So, just because we may be lacking a little in energy and feeling tired it shouldn’t stop us getting out there and making the most of life.

Someone who knows this only too well, is triple Olympian and recently crowned BT Sports Action Woman of the year Eilish McColgan. We sat down with our 2022 Brand ambassador to talk all things periods and how to keep on top of your game, no matter the time of the month.

Spatone: How do you find periods effect you physically? Or have an effect on your performance? Read full release

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