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Ipadio, the company that gives every telephone user a voice to the internet, will be working in partnership with the The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award to offer DofE Assessors another way of tracking a Participant’s progress.

Each year 275,000 young people undertake inspiring DofE programmes. Each young person is assessed by a Leader on their way to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award. Using ipadio technology DofE Assessors can phone in their assessment reports instead of filling in an online or written form.

Ipadio will match each call to the individual Assessor and young person, and make the calls available within DofE’s existing secure framework.

DofE Chief Executive Peter Westgarth said: “This exciting technology will revolutionise the way that DofE Assessors can record information about a participant’s progress. By forming this innovative partnership the DofE is utilising modern technology to make the Participants DofE journey even more...

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