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Andy Barrett, Domino Printing Sciences

Minimising Supply Chain Disruption: How Automation Can Help Manage Worker Shortages and Variation in Demand

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hugely disruptive to global business operations over the last 18 months. The lockdowns of 2020 forced many organisations to abandon traditional processes and embrace new technologies in order to remain operational. Fast forward to today and labour shortages, rising transport costs, and ongoing travel restrictions have caused serious disruptions to global supply chains.

The good news for manufacturers, is that many of the same technologies which lent a hand during the early stages of COVID-19 can also help to mitigate the risk of supply chain disruption. In addition, these technologies are now more cost-effective and accessible than ever before allowing more industries to unlock greater operational efficiency, embrace fluctuations in production demand, and mitigate supply chain risks, as Andy Barrett, Read full release

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