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New Body Plan success story Ben Lloyd

These six men used the training and nutrition system in lockdown to shift a combined 44kg of stubborn body fat to transform their bodies - and their lives

33-year-old Ben Lloyd lost 6kg in just six weeks and fixed his health issues, while Harry Gray, 40, shed an incredible two stone in just ten weeks to overcome obesity creators, Jon Lipsey and Joe Warner, are the former editorial team behind Men’s Fitness magazine, and have deployed their combined exercise and eating expertise to help more than 10,000 men around the world get back in shape

If you gained weight over the course of 2020 and want to lose it in 2021 to look and feel fitter, healthier and happier than ever then you must have a plan of action in place to stack the odds of weight-loss success in your favour.

That’s the expert advice of New Body Plan creators Jon Lipsey and Joe Warner, who recently helped six overweight and obese men...

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