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Orthotic Experts Warn That Wearing Flip-flops Can Cause Long Term Health Problems

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During the warmer summer months, UK podiatry clinics see an increase in patients complaining of foot pain. According to Paul Fenelon, CEO of Langer, Europe’s leading custom foot orthotic laboratory, “women wear more supportive shoes during the winter, however once the ice has melted, they tend to slip into their airy, less constrained – and less supportive flip-flops”.

Flip-flop loyalists may forget that their favourite piece of summer footwear was initially created to be worn at the beach or pool. They weren’t designed for hours spent walking in the city. It’s the flip-flops basic design that contributes to Summer’s most common foot injury, metatarsalgia.

An extremely painful condition, metatarsalgia is an inflammation of the ball of the foot....

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