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Noble Isle, a new, distinctive and exquisitely modern Bath and Body brand, is set to unveil in May 2012. Their collection is made in the UK and inspired by the cultural and natural riches of the British Isles. Combining the very finest natural fragrances and natural extracts with the best of design; Noble Isle shuns the ordinary in favor of the original. Their luxurious collection features twenty four unisex bath and body products. Each item in the collection is designed to leave a lasting, sensory impression; on course to become The New Tradition in Luxury Bathing.

Creators of Noble Isle have strived to provide a distinctive sensory experience, eschewing the ordinary in favor of the original at every stage, having travelled the length and breadth of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales to source authentic, high quality and quintessentially British ingredients. For more on the story so far, visit:...

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