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By Syd Wilcox. (Includes works by Professor Paul Marmet PhD)

A new book “NOT RELATIVITY: JUST WEIRD GRAVITY” by Syd Wilcox aims to provide an easily accessible alternative guide to modern science and astronomy. The book dispels myths and misconceptions about topics such as relativity, space–time, the binary star problem, atomic clocks and many more.

No complicated maths or equations are required to explain the contents. Everything is easier because Newtonian physics is as hard as it needs to be and can explain everything in the universe.

The book includes references for further astonishing facts and information all of which can be found on the web and are usually a short easy read of a few pages each. The contents of some of these papers are literally mind blowing. Many discoveries highlighted will change the whole of the sciences of cosmology, astronomy and astrophysics.
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