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A public speaking expert who turned her greatest fear into her most powerful asset has written a book to encourage other people to take to the stage and bring their personal or business vision to life.

So many of us become paralysed with fear at the thought of any kind of public speaking – from making congratulatory speeches to delivering business presentations – but according to Lyn Roseaman, we are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to share our story.

In her new book Now You’re Talking! (Rethink Press), Lyn encourages all of us to take a step out of our comfort zone and find our inner confidence so that we can share our ideas, wisdom, thoughts and experiences with a wider audience.

Although as a child, Lyn was encouraged by her mum to speak her mind, her confidence took a bashing at secondary school and left her discouraged, lacking confidence and dreading work presentations.

Lyn said: “My mum encouraged me to speak...

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