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UK Band The Pocket Gods And The Ultimate Statement Against Spotify With World’s First Album Of 100 Songs All 30 Seconds long!

What with Adele and Taylor Swift refusing to add their music to, or taking their music off, Spotify, UK indie band The Pocket Gods have gone one further in actually releasing an album on Spotify, whilst at the same time making a statement about artist royalties. The Pocket Gods & Friends 100x30 album features 100 songs all 30 seconds long!

Spotify pays out a paltry royalty of 0.007p per stream for a track once it hits 30 seconds....and then no more!

So why write and record songs that are longer when they only pay a tiny royalty for 30 seconds! The Pocket Gods' front-man Mark Christopher Lee, the brainchild behind the album, thought of the idea after reading an article about the length of 7 inch vinyl being the reason behind why we write 3 and half minute pop songs. Why not adapt to the media of today and produce...

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