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Ken Glynn, founder of Career Navig8or

Retired and older workers can boost their income by sharing their expertise with the next generation - keeping active through a new career mentoring platform.

Hailed as the equivalent for career mentoring as Airbnb is for holiday lets and Uber is for self-employed drivers, Career Navig8r restores a sense of purpose for people who have stopped doing a job they love.

Career Navig8r aims to give people a ‘career encore’, providing a sense of purpose post-retirement and ensuring their experience is used to help someone else.

Founder Ken Glynn, of Bettystown, County Meath, in Ireland, says he’d seen his dad lose his motivation and zest for life once he retired.

Then, when his sister gave up her career to raise children, he saw the same thing. Once proud, loud motivated people who were hungry for success, became less engaged and less motivated as they spent longer out of work and less time engaging their brains.
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