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Nutrichef and Soulmatefood, two of the UK’s leading healthy meal delivery companies, have joined forces to deliver meals from the ground-breaking anti-cancer ‘Rainbow Diet’ direct to customers’ doors. The Rainbow Diet gets its name from the fact that consumers eat a wide variety of different coloured vegetables (in addition to moderate quantities of fish, meat and other sources of protein).

As Barbara Cox, head nutritionist and founder of Nutrichef explains, “Different coloured fruits and vegetables certainly make a meal look more appealing, but it’s the pigments that give the foods their colour that are really important. They’re all amazing sources of antioxidants – natural chemicals that help ward off illness. There’s lycopene - the red pigment in tomatoes; carotenoids that cause the yellow and orange in peppers, pumpkins and carrots; and there are the blue-coloured anthocyanins of blueberries and grapes. All of these are really essential elements to a healthy diet....

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