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Argentine Outdoor Grill

April 2016.

Outdoor kitchens are trending as foodies move from the kitchen to outdoors in the quest for new ways to work with flavour and entertain friends. With the dinner party now old hat, outdoor cooking has become the ultimate expression of relaxed entertaining.

UK based, Argentine grill company OX Grills makes high quality wood fired grills for restaurants. They are now bringing their commercial quality grills to the home, with customers as far afield as Australia.

The days of stacking burgers to make room for your sausages are over - The grill has a huge cooking space compared to other BBQ’s on the market, with a big firebox capable of being at cooking temperature for several hours. The size of the grilling space can take eight chickens, more than enough to cook for a crowd.

The grills are made from stainless steel, essential for a long life outdoors. Some versions are used in restaurant kitchens where everything...

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