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Ayurveda Body Therapies, Omnia Lifestyle

Omnia Lifestyle, is a new pain relief and management centre, now open in the heart of Guildford town centre. Situated on Chertsey Street, a ten-minute walk from Guildford station, the centre provides a comprehensive approach to the management and relief of pain, whether brought about by injury, illness or long-term health issues.

The clinic offers clients a wide array of clinically proven pain relief treatments, ranging from the use of state-of-the-art technology such as photo biomodulation and compression therapy, to traditional healing methods such as Ayurveda. The centre also provides lifestyle services offering diet and nutrition advice, mindfulness programmes and exercise and fitness classes featuring yoga. This holistic approach to pain relief and management based on individual preferences is often touted as the ultimate panacea by medical professionals and for the first time, the...

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