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Divorces plummet during lockdown

Divorces searches crash

A surprising effect of the Government social distancing lockdown, is the crash in new divorce cases according to a leading online divorce service.

There has been 30% drop in new cases since Boris Johnson announced the first measures on Thursday 19th March.

Calls, livechat and email enquiries have dropped by a similar amount.

The data is backed up by Google Trends which measures search queries on the search engine over time and we can see this in their numbers for keywords used by divorcing couples from 14th March.
• Divorce
• Divorce Online
Online divorce
• Decree Absolute
• Divorce Papers

This Trends graph for the Keyword online divorce shows the dramatic fall in searches since 19th March.

Divorce-Online the company behind the research had seen a big increase in divorce filings for the first 2 months of the year and into March, but that as evaporated as people struggle to understand how they are going to survive financially.

Mark Keenan Managing Director said “ This is the biggest drop in divorces since December 2018 in what is usually one of the busiest months for divorce filings”.

Notes for editors:

Divorce-Online launched in 2000 and is one of the largest commercial divorce services in the UK.
Contact: Mark Keenan