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Teesside, November 26, 2021 – To tackle corruption in public procurement, OPPORTUNI have acquired Bidstats, the world’s no.1 trusted procurement website.

• Bidstats helps over 2m people per year search for UK government contract data.

OPPORTUNI now owns the largest database of UK procurement data in existence.

• Data archive enables historical analysis of awards and management of public funds.

• Nearly a decade of data to be opened up to Think Tanks, the ICIJ & Educational Bodies.

• Helps more Small Businesses get into tendering with the support of the Cabinet Office.

• BidStats provide information to over 50,000 sites including The Guardian, RT, Politico, and Imperial alongside feeding into reports by the big 4 including PwC.

OPPORTUNI, the world’s sole end-to-end solution for bidding for government contracts, is tackling corruption in public procurement...

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