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When award-winning Online Marketing and Web Design company Optix Solutions decided they were bored with their working environment they took a radical step – bringing the art of the street into their office.

Optix web programmer and designer Paul Brophy is a keen follower of all things street art, and when he saw a tweet from leading Bristol street artist Richt – part of the Bristol-based WHAT street artists’ collective – last month appealing for blank wall space to work with he persuaded his bosses that it was a perfect opportunity to liven up their Exeter headquarters in New North Road.
Not that they took much persuading. “We thought it was a great idea as we were all agreed that our surroundings had become a bit dull,” explains James Dawkins, Optix’s Creative Director.

"We like to think our success as a company is down not just to the fact that we are good at what we do but are creative and innovative with it. Our workspace didn’t reflect that....

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