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Surrey, UK – PCI Express Ltd is excited to announce the launch of TBS 2910 Matrix ARM Mini PC. The Matrix is a single board minicomputer based on ARM with a wide range of interface connections, equipped with a powerful i.MX6 Freescale processor, it can run Android, Linux and XBMC operating systems, a switch between different operating systems can be done within just a few minutes! This will allow people to use XBMC / Android / Linux software at the flick of a switch. The official launch date for TBS 2910 Matrix ARM Mini PC is 01/04/2014.

PCI Express Ltd believes TBS 2910 Matrix ARM Mini PC will Show you that you do not need a full PC to enjoy the Android / Linux / XBMC experience, using a Minicomputer with the interface options like this shows that TBS is looking forward not backwards and offers plenty of features including 16GB onboard memory and WiFi that even the Raspberry Pi can't comprehend.

We look forward to the upcoming reviews from industry...

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