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PEFC-certified paper bags from AB Group

PEFC and AB Group Packaging are working hard to promote sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging. European Paper Bag day is an annual day of action which aims to raise consumer awareness about paper carrier bags as sustainable and efficient packaging that contribute to fighting climate change and environmental pollution. Sustainable, forest-based packaging such as paper bags, reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions and make a significant contribution to the circular economy.

As the worldwide discussion on mitigating climate change grows in urgency, this year’s COP25 event that will be held in Santiago, Chile from 2-13 December, will be seeking to encourage permanent action and transformation towards truly sustainable development. The conference theme – Time for Action – will focus on a number of initiatives, three of which directly relate to PEFC’s sustainable forest management programme: Forests, Biodiversity and the Circular Economy. Alun Watkins, Executive...

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