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Ever dreamt of living life in the PINK?

Now you can. A new web site has just been launched designed to meet the pink needs inside all of us and to help businesses selling pink items!

The Pink4 website has been largely designed by Flick Rankin a 20 year old 2nd year University Drama student. The concept was based on an idea from her mother, who was ‘tickled pink’ at the number of people she met who loved the colour pink, but had problems finding items in that colour. Together with her sister Carla and family, they created

‘When we talked about Pink4fun, I suggested creating an ‘open house’ so that people could click on a particular room to access specific pink items. We ‘built’ the house to include a nursery, bedroom, music room kitchen, dining room, games room and so on. Each room has specific sounds as well, from snoring in the bedroom, a baby giggling in the nursery...

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