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With over 1,200 videos on YouTube as to how to hack a mobile phone password educating the masses, free hacking software available online, and high profile cases of phone fraud such as the Paris Hilton case growing, there is growing evidence that SmartPhones could be the next hackers’ paradise.

As the level of access and synchronisation grows with each emerging model, smartPhones are carrying as much information appealing to hackers and fraudsters as many laptops but are much easier to access. Full copies of email accounts and often banking or corporate network access systems stored on most Smartphones carried across the nation makes this a virtual seventh heaven of opportunity for crooks and criminals.

“Most phones are only equipped with simple 4 digit codes that are simply not up for the job” says Colin Allison, CEO PINoptic, “with the amount of information stored on most of our mobile devices it is only a matter of time before someone has a serious...

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