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average cost of energy Q4 23

POWWR, a respected energy software provider, today reveals that the average UK business now consumes over 28 MwH of energy a year. This is 6.5% more than last year and enough to power a Premier League football stadium.

This additional energy usage means that the average UK business now pays £5265 for its energy per annum. However, the amount varies wildly from region to region. Whereas businesses in South Wales pay on average £6792 and those in London £6178, businesses in the North East of England and those in North Scotland only pay £3752 and £3799 respectively for their energy.

This is based on over 300,000 data points the company analysed for its Quarterly Energy Barometer. The report provides unprecedented insight into how much energy UK businesses are consuming, and what they are paying for it. The Energy Barometer Report shows that the average energy contract is now only 22 months for UK businesses, significantly less than the 29 months it was in...

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