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The SkinGenius Clarifying Lotion is literally a fresh new way to help clear up teenage skin troubles including pimples, spots and acne. Inspired by nature, the SkinGenius Clarifying Lotion contains only natural, time-tested ingredients to help restore harmony to troubled teenage skin.

SkinGenius promises to contain ‘no junk’ and offers teenagers and their parents an affordable natural skincare solution – and a welcome alternative to ‘chemical soups’. The Clarifying Lotion comprises 98% natural ingredients which combine to help fight the bacteria that cause acne and soothe inflamed, infected pores.

Around 80% of teenagers will develop some form of acne, typically on their face, shoulders and back. Acne is primarily caused by bacteria while spots are often the result of too much oil being produced by the body as teenage hormones play havoc.

Not Just Teenagers!

While teens are renowned for having troubled skin, low...

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