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27th June marks International PTSD Awareness Day and to honour this, PTSD UK are launching their first art book to help people understand more about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – a condition which is estimated to affect over 2,600,000 people in the UK at any one time.

Broken Crayons Still Colour: Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder through Art is a collection of almost 200 unique artwork pieces (including poetry, illustrations, digital design, glasswork, sculpture and quilting) which express the experiences of people affected by PTSD and C-PTSD and were kindly submitted to PTSD UK as part of an art competition they ran.

PTSD UK is the only charity in the UK dedicated to raising awareness of PTSD –a condition that some people develop after experiencing or witnessing a trauma. A trauma is defined as an event or events which provoke fear, helplessness, or horror in response to the threat of injury or death and therefore can affect anyone....

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