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Nearly eight out of 10 (79%) people say they would buy a new or used car entirely online – but more than half (57%) say that the online experience being offered lags behind, according to a new report.

The findings come from the first-ever iVendi Report on Online Motor Retailing, published today, which provides probably the most detailed and credible insight yet available into this rapidly growing area of the motor industry.

James Tew, CEO, at iVendi, which works with around 7,000 car dealers across the UK, said: “Many car buyers are clearly demanding a better online experience and one that dealers and manufacturers need to work to meet, and relatively quickly, given the omnipresent threat of disruptors entering the market.”

Almost nine out of 10 (87%) car buyers also say that, despite their enthusiasm for online shopping, visiting a showroom remains a key part of the buying process.

James explained that the apparently...

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