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Drive like a girl, the telematics insurer launched in January to encourage safe motorists, has handed back more than £51,000 to its first 500 customers in recognition of their driving.

The brand was established to help careful drivers beat the gender directive, which has prevented insurers from selling cheaper cover to young females even though they represent a smaller risk than their male counterparts. It promises to give money back after three months to anyone who has ‘driven like a girl’. The youngest drivers could get as much as 17% back.

85% of the 500 earliest customers are getting money back, with 60% receiving their own maximum discount at an average of £137 each. 1 in 4 customers received more than £150 back. Some 7%, mostly the youngest motorists, will get more than £250 as their three-month discount.

The quality of driving is assessed using data sent back by the telematics box installed behind the dashboard at no extra cost...

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