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With the increase in searches for superhero workouts online, the sports nutrition company Bulk wanted to investigate the rising trend and find out what superhero workouts the world is searching for the most on Google, Youtube and viewing on TikTok.

The Most Searched Superhero Workouts on Google

Looking at workout related search terms relating to superheroes (e.g Batman workout plan) our research revealed that the Batman workout (198,330 searches per year) is the most popular superhero workout in 2022, followed by the Thor workout (160,800 searches per year) and Superman's exercise routine (147,950 searches per year).

1.Batman - 198,330 searches
2.Thor - 160,800 searches
3.Superman - 147,950 searches
4.Captain America - 119,320 searches
5.Spiderman - 108,350 searches
6.Wolverine - 50,170 searches
7.Black Widow - 32,740 searches
8.Bane - 30,630 searches
9.Wonder Woman - 24,510...

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