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The White Unicorn of Uffington

A recent poll shows 94% support for replacing the famous White Horse at Uffington in Oxfordshire with an image of a unicorn. A new fantasy book for 7 plus year olds has prompted thousands of children and adults to support the explanation of the chalk carving revealed in the book. One enthusiastic supporter has even gone so far as to offer the National Trust, being the owners of the site, GBP50000 to cover the cost of the work.

Paula Broderick, the author of the book that has sparked so much interest in the prehistoric monument, is amazed at the activity the book has generated. “While researching material for The Rowan Tree I discovered the amazing story of Dragon Hill, which is next to the Uffington Horse and is said to be the spot where Saint George slew the dragon. The whole area is wrapped in legend and the story I have told does have a certain plausibility that appeals to most ages –...

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