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Coffee and Muslin Bundle

Are you a new parent or do you have a soon to be one in your midst? Have you heard of the power of Muslins? Sensory ones to be specific. Designed to the millimetre to support babies' cognitive and visual development between birth and around four months. They're an excellent adornment to a car seat or draped over a bouncer or even used just to play peek-a-boo. Stimulation for them, calm for you, everyone's a winner.

For the month of March Perky Blenders has teamed up with the excellent Etta Loves to offer this triple pack of super soft sensory muslin squares in high contrast black and white animal print patterns made from 100% super soft bamboo. Paired with a bag of their brilliant Blend of the Month, it'll definitely make any parents morning.

Take two women who used to work together on the shoe department of a well known high street in Chelmsford, who have gone on to launch their own businesses that both produce new parent must-haves and boom - you get...

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