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We all have a hard-wired attraction to alcohol, but none of us has hard-wired understanding of its effects. This often impacts on our mental and physical health.

Alcohol Companion, by Phil Cain, makes gaining valuable insight into a fascinating and entertaining journey.

Phil Cain’s work has been featured by The Economist, Telegraph, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Observer, Al Jazeera, CBS and the BBC.

Some reviews:
- “This book opened my eyes in so many ways … a must-read.” (Alison Canavan, wellness advocate and supermodel)
- “Enjoyable, witty and thorough.” (5-stars)
- “It’s a great read, entertaining and eye-opening.” (5-stars)
- “The charming and effective writing style makes the reading more than interesting … A must read!” (5-stars)
- “Great book, easy to read, full of ‘fun’ facts.” (5-stars)
- “Phil...

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