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Gardening with a HIPPOBAG

• More than half of Brits prefer to improve their gardens themselves
• Just over a quarter of us get family and friends to help us improve our gardens
• Only 7% of the UK gets the help of a gardener to make improvements
• Almost 40% of Brits get rid of large amounts of garden waste through a tip run and just under 30% of us get rid of it over several weeks in the domestic garden bin.
• In response to the question, “How do you get rid of large amounts of garden waste?”, answers included “Chuck it over the wall.”, “Use the black bin.” and “Throw it over the neighbour’s fence.”

With National Gardening Week kicking off on 2nd May, HIPPO has been looking into gardening habits in the UK and the results prove that Brits are a green-fingered bunch! According to HIPPO’s recent survey, over half of us prefer to improve our gardens ourselves, with only just over a quarter getting help from family and friends. What’s more, it seems just 7% of us seek...

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