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Love a party with a ghoulish atmosfear!

Atmosfear -scarier than any squid!

Board games have been a major factor in family entertainment especially over the last eighteen months with retailers seeing record sales. Now as Hallowe’en and Christmas approach toy supplier Tobar are reporting an unusual increase in the sales of games in the run up to Christmas. Toy retailers are stocking up to mitigate the possible effects of the widely reported shortage of deliveries.

ATMOSFEAR™/NIGHTMARE – was the World’s first interactive video board game in which players take on not only each other but also the game's ghoulish host – THE GATEKEEPER.

This year sees The Gatekeeper return in a brand new App based version of Atmosfear™.

Atmosfear™ is not just a board game, but an amplified experience in home entertainment with an interactive App that works across your mobile, tablet and home entertainment system. It's a game of skill, strategy and suspense wrapped up in a race against time. Once you press PLAY you have only a limited time to collect 6 different keys and make your way to the centre of the board where the Well of Fears awaits! All the while the Gatekeeper interrupts with his insane and laugh out loud insults in his attempt to stop you winning. With interactive App based game play, random selection to ensure a different game every time, and spine chilling atmospheric digital surround sound and picture, everyone will be shouting “Yes, my Gatekeeper!”
Laugh, cry and scream your way to victory … or not!

Keep your mobile close as the Gatekeeper may have a special message just for you. The latest game has more interactivity, some very unsocial media … The Gatekeeper’s gone rogue in a sea of new technology – get connected to
Atmosfear™.this weekend and beyond!

Note to desk – available at all good toy stores at around GDP 19.99
For further information please contact
07860 542559