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Generation Z (born 1997 onwards), often dubbed as digital natives, is not the most bothered about workplace technology, it’s Baby Boomers – according to new research.

A new report by interior design and fit-out business Claremont has found the UK office has to work much harder to meet the needs of Gen Z, Millennial, Generation X and Baby Boomer workers, as all have very different priorities.

Baby Boomers (born 1946 to 1964) want better technology in the office to help them be more productive. They also want face-to-face collaboration and team spirit more than any other generation.

Generation Z, the youngest in the workplace, is the most bothered about having access to an environmentally responsible workplace – with 20% saying offices would be more inviting if they improved environmental practices such as better recycling and EV charging.

Generation Z isn’t just about collaboration or free coffee either – they’re the most...

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