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Pokereve running on 5 mobile devices

On Dec. 1st the new website was launched.

Lucian Depold, Dipl.Inf., offers a new and modern way of playing Texas Hold’em to poker-fans.

The advantages are plain to see:

Pokereve replaces the usual playing cards with mobile devices, i.e. the cards are shown on displays. Thus you don't have to waste time shuffling and dealing the cards any longer: Pokereve does it for you in an instant using an extremely fast Mersenne-Twister-algorithm - well known for creating high quality sequences of random numbers. Especially when playing Texas Hold'em home games with a small number of players Pokereve will prove being a real benefit. You can play up to 70% more hands than in a usual home game.

Pokereve may be used free of charge by everyone. It is compatible with almost all kinds of...

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