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Ditch The Can. Help The Planet.

The environment is the hot topic on everyone’s lips at the moment, and rightly so. For far too long big businesses have put profits ahead of the planet and we are all becoming increasingly aware of how unsustainable a lot of the products that we consume are. We’ve seen this hit the headlines with shoppers turning their back on big brands with unsustainable packaging including Walkers and Pringles.

Big businesses need to defend their position. They can do this by improving their offering, or by trying to silence those who challenge them. The latest effort to silence a brand comes from the MPMA (Metal Packaging Manufacturer’s Association), who are threatening the independent, ethical dog food brand, Pooch & Mutt.

Pooch & Mutt’s advert urges people to “Ditch the Can. Help the Planet”, as the TetraPak cartons that they use for their dog food have been proven in independent studies, such as the study by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research...

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