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Are there insects in your dog’s food?

Do you know what is really in your dog’s food? An exposé by leading healthy pet food brand Pooch & Mutt has shown that Bakers, one of the UK’s most popular dog food brands, includes; crushed insects, known carcinogens, the controversial antioxidants BHT and BHA (which McDonalds and General mills have both stopped using due to public pressure) and potentially just 1% chicken in the ‘chicken’ recipe.

Shockingly, none of these ingredients are shown on the pack and are included in Bakers’ recently updated recipe, which was updated according to Bakers website because “We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and, since many of you have asked us to do something about this, we have” and despite the new packaging claiming “No added artificial colours flavours or preservatives”.

In the UK, pet food manufacturers have the option of declaring individual ingredients in...

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