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Ricky Doyle, CEO of Practice Labs

Practice Labs, the IT competency hub, has now provided more than half-a-million people with the means to improve their hands-on digital and IT skills.

The company delivers cloud-based access to live virtual computers and devices where people can practice their fundamental digital skills – whether just for personal use in the workplace or to try their hand at mastering core IT-specific tasks.

Ricky Doyle, CEO of Practice Labs said:

“In 2018 we defined our company vision: ‘To help 1,000,000 users improve their hands-on IT skills by 2023’. We’re excited to already be half-way there after just two years.

“The demand for remote experiential learning continues to grow. Whatever type of skill you’re trying to master, practice makes perfect. But when it comes to digital skills, it isn’t always possible to access the software and systems you need to achieve that hands-on experience. Most businesses can’t risk allowing their...

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