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The Netherlands is one of the UK’s closest neighbours and oldest trading partners, but how much do you know about Dutch culture outside of football? The Dutch hold the record for playing at the most World Cup finals without ever winning the tournament.

1. They cycle a lot

Any UK holidaymaker in Amsterdam will have noticed the huge numbers of highly skilled cyclists. With the famously flat landscape of the Netherlands, it is no surprise that cycling is a favourite pastime and method of transport for the Dutch. In fact, the country has a reported 18 million bicycles – more than one per person!

2. There are canals everywhere

The flatness of the Netherlands also makes it perfect for canals – the country has 6,237km of navigable inland waterways, almost double that of the UK.

3. The Dutch love beer

The Netherlands is home to the world’s third largest brewer of beer in the world, Heineken. The...

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