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The Majestic, £2500 - Prestige Flowers

West Yorkshire, UK —February 3, 2016 – Popular online florist, Prestige Flowers have launched "The Majestic", the ultimate decadent declaration of love costing 2,500GBP. With fresh flowers, luxury chocolates, and fine champagne, this really is an all-in-one gift fit for royalty this Valentine's day.

Prestige Flowers is introducing this luxury bouquet of 365 Grand Prix Roses to represent a year of love. These long, 70cm stems are skillfully arranged by floral experts in an exquisite large Roman stone vase to give this arrangement an even more lavish and grand appearance. Dom Perignon is the most well-known champagnes in the world. It is synonymous with extravagance and sophistication. This 2006 vintage champagne will please any pallet with its gentle floral flavours. To top it all off, recipients...

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