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Model Katie and Stylist Inayia

78 percent of adult women felt they were confident as a child when it came to choosing outfits

• New research reveals that 76% of UK women lack fashion confidence
• Global retailer shines spotlight on body positivity through the eyes of children, featuring women aged 23-47 and sizes 12-20
• In a makeover with a twist, stylists were revealed to be girls aged 6-8
• Video of the campaign has already been viewed over 45,000 times

In a bid to empower women who have lost their fashion confidence, the world’s first fashion campaign styled exclusively by children has been launched by Long Tall Sally, the global leader in fashion for tall women.

#StyleHasNoRules was created after a new study of 1,000 UK women revealed that 76 percent of women don’t feel confident when it comes to fashion, yet 78 percent of adult women felt they were confident as a child when it came to choosing outfits, and 96 percent reported they simply “wore what made them happy” up until the age of 10. These findings came as no surprise to child psychologist Tom Lloyd, “children get excited about putting outfits together as they base them on the ‘fun’ things that make them happy, such as fabrics, colours, prints and shapes. They don’t consider body hang-ups”.

Designed to encourage women to tap into their inner child and feel confident with their fashion choices without being restricted by perceived “fashion rules”, #StyleHasNoRules centres around a makeover with a twist.

Six Long Tall Sally customers were selected for the campaign out of hundreds who felt they were “in a style rut”. Unknowingly, these women were paired with “Little Stylists” – children aged six to eight – who selected and styled a complete outfit for their models.

“The children all jumped in right away and had so much fun putting the different outfits together,” said Camilla Treharne, Creative Director of Long Tall Sally. “One of the girls commented that she chose a polka dot dress for her model because ‘dots make me happy, and I want my lady to be happy.’ This perfectly sums up why we created the campaign; we don’t want women to find it daunting getting dressed, we want to remind them to have fun with fashion and feel confident with their own style.”

The models were shocked to discover young children had been able to create outfits that made them feel confident. “This has completely changed how I feel about fashion,” said Katie, one of the models. “I love this outfit, but I would never have put it together myself. Sometimes it takes someone to push you out of your comfort zone to help you feel more confident.”

The video on Long Tall Sally’s Facebook page has already reached 45,000 views and there has been an emotional response by women touched by the empowering message of the campaign, with comments such as, “I LOVE everything about this!! Why do we condition ourselves when it comes to outfit choices. Children wear what makes them happy and so should we. BRAVO”, “This brought a tear to my eyes!” and “Loved it!! Beautiful to have young girls empowered to make older girls remember to love themselves”.

Long Tall Sally’s #StyleHasNoRules campaign - featuring all the looks curated by the ‘Little Stylists’, a behind-the-scenes video and more – can be found at

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