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Forest Bathing at Thorpe Forest

• Expert warns that ignoring our mental wellbeing could set an “unhealthy precedent for future generations”
• Brits spend just 0.5% of their time dedicated to improving mental wellbeing, only four hours per month
• One in four Britons say they don’t know how to improve their mental wellbeing
• One in three people in the UK have never been for a walk amongst nature, yet 92% think getting outdoors is important for mental wellbeing
• Forest Holidays has introduced Forest Bathing to help Brits get back in touch with nature

New research into the nation’s health habits has revealed that Brits choose to spend more than twice as much time and money on activities to improve their physical health compared to their mental wellbeing. This is despite 70% of the UK saying they believe mental and physical wellbeing are as important as one another.

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