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- companies of all levels of digital maturity benefit from the digitization of sales channels
- fast and strategically acting digitizers set standards in B2B commerce
- future trends set by integrating further sales channels

Jena, Germany, February 07, 2019 –Speed beats perfection - 68 percent of decision makers are convinced of this when it comes to digitizing B2B commerce. "Fail fast, learn fast" is thus common practice and reflects how companies are learning to take advantage of the potential of digitization. And rightfully so: those who are hesitant in the digitization of their B2B business or maintain the current pace are losing ground to their competitors and are already forfeiting future opportunities today. This is the key finding of the new Intershop E-Commerce Report 2019, "Speed beats perfection," published today.
Intershop had 400 B2B organizations in the Benelux countries, France, Germany, the Nordic countries, the United Kingdom, and...

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