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- Premium appliances producer expands into 18 new international markets
- Avoids expensive e-commerce re-platforming
- Based on Microsoft Azure Cloud Germany (MCD) and SaaS model

Jena, Germany, 11 October 2017 – Premium appliances producer, Miele is continuing to expand its online presence in 18 new markets, with the Intershop Commerce Suite. The MS Azure-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform is already live in Australia and New Zealand and will be live in the other countries by the mid of October.

Daniel Kaschula, Head of Program Management E-Commerce, Miele explains, “We require the performance of an enterprise-grade commerce solution across our international operations, but are also mindful that our e-commerce teams in our emerging markets are relatively small. So, we opted for a solution that is both affordable and easy to manage. The modular nature of the Intershop platform allows us to upgrade the functionality of the online...

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