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Shock figures released today reveal that a rise in people holidaying at home, taking day trips and driving to tourist hotspots has got British motorists hot under the collar. Tailgating, middle-lane hogging and not indicating were named amongst motorists’ top driving annoyances this summer.

These are the findings of research conducted by fuel brand Jet, when it surveyed motorists across the UK about bad driving habits. Asked to highlight their top 10 driving pet hates, tailgating was named by almost three-quarters of motorists as one of their biggest on-the-road annoyances. Around two-thirds cited drivers who don’t indicate, middle-lane hoggers, and motorists who cut others up as major irritations. However, the biggest source of disapproval was reserved for drink-drivers, who featured in 75 per cent of motorists’ top 10 pet hates.

With parking spaces at busy tourist areas always at a premium, it was no surprise that bad parking reared its ugly head,...

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