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Broken Britain?

- Online spare parts retailer reveals 75% of Brits don’t fix repairable appliances
- eSpares launches #FixFirst campaign to change consumer behaviour
- Increasing repair rates by 10% could prevent 100,000 tonnes of waste

Research by eSpares, the UK’s leading online spare parts retailer, has found that more than 75% of British householders don’t attempt to fix perfectly repairable appliances themselves. A survey of 5,000 UK residents instead highlighted that consumers prefer to simply throw away broken appliances, replacing them with expensive new models. What’s more, only one-in-five respondents agreed that manufacturers make it easy to fix broken appliances.

“Our findings indicate that real change is needed to encourage more repairs,” commented Ad Casey, head of brand at eSpares. “This change can only be made if the support is there to give customers the confidence and knowledge to fix repairable appliances. This is why we have launched...

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