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Women’s businesses in the UK are being held back by gaps in knowledge about business funding. A new free guide launched this week by women in business organisation, Prowess 2.0, as part of Finance 4 Start Up Britain Week, aims to help women and their advisers to make the most of the funding options available.

There has been a massive hike in the number of women starting businesses since 2008; up 16 percent compared to 2 percent for men. But a body of research shows that this burst of female entrepreneurship is likely to be stifled by lack of financial savvy. Women use a much narrower range of finance options and start businesses with much lower levels of funding, across every size and sector of business. “When it comes to succeeding in business, whether you’re a man or a woman doesn’t matter a bit. With similar levels of start-up finance, women’s businesses perform just as well as those led by...

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