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• One in four non-gym goers would rather have an injection, or be in a room with a spider, than go to the gym
• Fear expert Dr. Margee Kerr says the social element of the gym is to blame for such high anxiety but is a fear we can all overcome
• PureGym has launched a wide range of advice, guides and workouts for people new to the gym, to help them through their first few sessions

New findings from PureGym reveal that 50% of non-gym goers in the UK admit to feeling scared of the gym, with some stating their gym phobia is worse than more commonly recognised fears such as heights, spiders or injections.

The scale of our gym-phobia:

The study (full report here) compared gym anxiety to other common fears and helped to show that some people are so spooked by gym that one in four would rather choose to have an injection, or be...

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