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Pyro1 can advise that they were responsible for the stunning display in Oban on Friday night.

Pre-programmed to fire for 20 minutes a technical glitch meant the display fired in just 50 seconds. Pyro1 fired numerous other displays using the same software over the weekend with 100% success. In the 16 years that Pyro1 has been established nothing like this has ever happened. The chances of this error ever happening again are truly 1 in a million. Procedures for safety and rigging are rigorous and Pyro1 adhere to guidelines set by the British Pyrotechnics Association and the CBI explosives industry group.

There has been a stunning response to the video of the display posted on You tube. As of Tuesday at midday it had had 410,000 views. This exceeds those that watch videos of the Sydney Harbour Bridge New...

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