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POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics Implants win ‘Safety in Beauty’ innovation award

Q Medical Technologies Ltd

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics Implants, exclusively distributed by Q Medical Technologies in the UK, won the ‘Award for Innovation & Pioneering Service’ at Safety in Beauty’s annual ceremony.

Patient Safety.
Specifically, the German-based manufacturer has earned praise for its efforts to reduce capsular contracture This is the medical term for the growth of excessive scar tissue around the breast implant.

Historically, smooth-coated silicone implants have been a common choice for patients. However, these implants can increase the risk of capsular contracture. That’s why POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics developed Microthane® micropolyurethane-foam coated mammary implants.

These are silicone implants with textured micropolyurethane coated shells that reduce the length and orientation of the capsular tissue fibres. In other words, they minimise the risk of capsular contraction.

Comprehensive Range
In addition, POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics has been commended for its comprehensive range of implants, which is the largest in Europe. Using its world-class manufacturing processes, POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics creates implants in a variety of profiles, sizes and textures. Practically, this means there is an implant to suit any procedure.

Patient Promise
POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics UK distributors, Q Medical Technologies, also offer an exclusive ‘Patient Promise’ insurance initiative. This covers the cost of a replacement implant and revision surgery (a procedure not typically covered). Kim Sherrington, Sales and Marketing Director at Q Medical Technologies, explains: “We’re proud to distribute POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics Implants in the UK. “POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics enjoys an excellent reputation across Europe because of its commitment to innovation and safety. This win is a just reward for those efforts.”

Safety in Beauty view video at

Launched in October 2013 by Antonia Mariconda, Safety in Beauty is a response to the growing dissatisfaction and devastation caused by dubious treatments. It was formed by a group of like-minded professionals and experts.

“POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics Implants are a fantastic example of how technology can help lift standards in safety within the cosmetic industry. The product has an excellent reputation amongst cosmetic clinical professionals,” adds Antonia Mariconda, creator of the Safety in Beauty campaign.

“Q Medical Technologies has also played an integral role to in POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics success in the UK. As distributors, they have a superb reputation for excellent customer service and its Patient Promise insurance initiative.

“I’m delighted the work of both companies has been recognised with a Diamond Award. I extend my congratulations to all parties involved.”

For further information about POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics Implants, please visit their official website

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