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Q Medical Technologies Ltd

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics Implants, exclusively distributed by Q Medical Technologies in the UK, won the ‘Award for Innovation & Pioneering Service’ at Safety in Beauty’s annual ceremony.

Patient Safety.
Specifically, the German-based manufacturer has earned praise for its efforts to reduce capsular contracture This is the medical term for the growth of excessive scar tissue around the breast implant.

Historically, smooth-coated silicone implants have been a common choice for patients. However, these implants can increase the risk of capsular contracture. That’s why POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics developed Microthane® micropolyurethane-foam coated mammary implants.

These are silicone implants with textured micropolyurethane coated shells that reduce the length and orientation of the capsular tissue fibres. In other words, they minimise the risk of capsular...

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