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Channel 4 is making a series that will see budding entrepreneurs turn their dreams of money-making into reality, with the help of a millionaire mentor.

Make Me A Million will follow three teams of budding entrepreneurs over their first 9 months in business. Each company will be overseen by a multi-millionaire who will advise their ‘business virgins’ on how to be a successful entrepreneur. The millionaires will act as ‘business angels’ to their chosen team, investing and drawing on their experience and know-how to guide and mentor them.

The series will explore what it takes to set up a business and make as much money as possible. We will see the evolution of each of the selected businesses from paper to reality, listening in on team talks and tactics, observing strategies; all enabling us to get inside the mind of the truly successful entrepreneur. We will film the three companies and their mentors at every stage, with regular...

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