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The Government’s mass vaccination programme against Covid-19 is continuing at pace.

However, while headlines about the jabs have been dominated by safety concerns, for many it is a fear of needles that is causing anxiety and extreme levels of upset.

The rollout has now moved on to people aged 32 or over and lower age groups are expected to be vaccinated in the coming weeks. As it stands, there is no alternative to the needle. All Covid-19 vaccines have to be given via injection.
For many this has proved a turning point in wanting to confront their needle phobia. Hypnotherapist, head of clinic at City Hypnosis, Aaron Surtees said he has seen a staggering 90% surge in calls asking for help to eliminate the problem following the start of the vaccination programme. The majority are young professionals who have had the problem since childhood.
He said: 'Before the Government announcement about Covid jabs it was not unusual for a year or a...

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